Dave J's Powdercoating

New News For The Business

  • ​We have finally been able to enlarge our oven to over 4 by 4 by 6 feet allowing us to do bigger pieces than ever before including full motorcycle frames, larger automotive parts and lawn chairs.

  • We are in the process of building a sizable new building.  2 winters ago a large part of our existing building collapsed under the huge amount of snow we had and are now in the process of building a new highly energy efficient building that will allow us the room needed to do the larger pieces and work on multiple jobs at once.  

  • Dave decided to take on the task of rebuilding himself with the help of his two sons rather than hire someone to come in and build, enabling him to keep his prices down.  Rather than hiring out the difficult task of building the new structure and increasing his prices, Dave decided to embark on the building to keep overhead low and costs down.  It's a rarity these days to have a company truly putting it's customers first, working harder than ever to rebuild without deferring the cost onto the customer. In fact our prices will not change at all because of the new building.