Dave J's Powdercoating

Dave J's uses polyester powder for most jobs.  We keep a wide range of colors in stock but the choices are close to endless depending on what you want.  We also use multiple coats for transparency, acrylic and high temperature paints when the job requires it.  For parts that get extremely hot such as exhaust parts we use ceramic paints.  There is a type and color paint for every job and we work with the customer to find just the right type for them.

Recently the company has expanded to include a much bigger oven 4 x 4 x 6.  Which is a critical part of the painting process, and can now handle much larger items.  It has allowed us to handle bigger pieces than ever before, such as full motorcycle frames .  Check out our pictures for a better idea of all it allows us to create.

Another benefits of powdercoating over other painting processes out there is it's "green" factor.  Dave J's doesn't use any caustic chemicals or create any environmentally damaging byproducts in the process of doing what we do.  We use natural silica sand when sandblasting which can be reused and eventually recycled and in the painting process again there is almost no waste.  We take pride in our eco-friendly process and facility as we have worked hard to make it that way.