Dave J's also does sandblasting as well as chemical peeling depending on what is needed to prepare the piece for painting.  This allows our customers to simply bring the piece in without any preparation to worry about.  Just drop it off and we'll take it from there.

From automotive and motorcycle parts to hinges and hardware, we have worked on just about everything one could think of, specialized custom bicycles, antique air grates and decorative pieces to hinges and latches  of all shapes and sizes.  We also have done suspension parts and muffler systems as well as refurbishing high end home and automotive fixtures.  But no matter what we're working on, the mission is always the same, adhering to the same care and quality to make sure the customer gets exactly what they wanted.


Dave J's is owned and operated by Dave Jacoby, who became an auto mechanic at the early age of 15 and has honed his talents over the course of the past 45 years to become a master mechanic as well as a master woodworker creating one of a kind, custom made pieces of furniture.  During this time he began exploring with different paints and methods of application because he found that many of them were simply not durable enough.  

That is when Dave discovered Powdercoating and all it's possibilities.  After realizing just how many benefits it had over the other methods he had been using he decided to venture out and start a  business who's sole mission was to paint with the most durable and environmentally friendly method possible, and that was the beginning of Dave J's powdercoating.


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Dave J's Powdercoating